Letras de The Astonishing parte 2


Continuamos con la segunda parte de las letras de las canciones de The Astonishing. Vamos desde la canción 11 hasta la canción 20 del primer disco.


11. The Hovering Sojourn (ruidos de NOMACs)

12. Brother, Can You Hear Me?

Brother, can you hear me?
Your life is in my hands
I will not surrender, never yield to his demands
If we stand together, we will never fall
Brother, we’re the answer to your call

Brother, can you hear me?
You must not be afraid
I will march beside you
Have no fear
Be strong
Be brave

We sing this song for freedom
Our voices will resound
Brother, we will never let you down

On the road to revolution
We’re bound to make mistakes
There’s a price that we must pay
For every choice we make

Freedom is the reason
To stand up or give in
But someone has to lose
And someone has to win

Brother, can you hear me?
I am not afraid
I will not forsake you
I’ll be strong and I’ll be brave

I sing the song for freedom
My courage knows no bounds
Brother, know I stand on solid ground
Brother, I will never let you down
Never let you down.

13. A Life Left Behind

I never knew someone was out there
A long way from nowhere
Who could open my eyes

All this time while I’m sleeping
The world changed around me
Now I’ve never felt more alive

I’m waking up
From a life left behind
To see what lies ahead
I’m waking up

[Empress Arabelle]
Fate found the way
To bring them together
Once and forever
And won’t let them go

Nothing I say
Can keep her from leaving me
Her life has a meaning
I lost her a long time ago

I’m waking up
From a life left behind
To see what lies ahead
I’m waking up

I’m waking up
Now that yesterday’s gone
Won’t close my eyes again
I’m waking up

I plan to return welldisguised
Make sure that I’m not recognized
Tomorrow a new sun will rise
And somehow I’ll find you

Nothing will stand in my way
Soon I will see you again

I’m waking up
From a life left behind
To see what lies ahead
I’m waking up

I’m waking up
(I’m waking up)
Now that yesterday’s gone
(Now that yesterday’s gone)
I won’t close my eyes
(I will never look back)
I’m waking up

[Empress Arabelle]
You’ll be her shadow as she moves, my son
But she can never know of it
She is alone and rebels are everywhere

I’ll keep her safe from all danger
Won’t let her out of my sight
Did I fail to mention my honest intentions?
This is the chance I deserve

Heed my words
Justice will be served

14. Ravenskill

Morning breaks
Beyond the night
If she is worlds away

Through crowded streets
This quiet hooded stranger makes her run

Please excuse me;
“Sir, can you help me?”
“Where can I find this man?”

“Sorry, can’t speak, someone is waiting”
“Yes, I understand.”

As her will starts to fade
And all but disappears
Like a ghost, suddenly a boy standing there
And all is clear
“I’m your friend, trust me, don’t be scared.
I am looking for your father, and I promise I can help.
Now take my hand, we haven’t time to spare.”

Hopeful and innocent
Sensing no danger

He sees humanity
Behind the stranger’s eyes

Her true identity
Will be revealed when she sheds her disguise

My intentions are faithful
There’s a chance we can still end this game
I’ll be forever grateful
To see him once again

“You dare to stand
before my eyes!
You’re one of them
Why would I trust you?”

“It’s not like that!
I can’t go back
Hope fades away with each passing second”

Lost in this moment
Is where I want to stay
This can’t be broken
We need to find a way

Gabriel, I would wait a lifetime
Just to see your face
But all we have is one more day

I remember your father was moved by my song
I know when he sees we’re united, then he’ll understand
We will walk this road together
We will face this hand in hand
With music and love on our side
We can’t lose this fight

Tomorrow our dream comes alive
Comes alive.

15. Chosen

Her words ring true
Her message clear
How can he hear through all the noise and dissonance?

I’ve seen a sign
That he can change
If given just a chance

Against all hope
We found a way
And it is all because she trusted me
Why have a gift
You can’t embrace
When all you need is faith

And there’s a reason, now I see
The reason I’ve been chosen
She sees the light inside of me
A reason to believe

But I can’t climb this mountain without you
No, I can’t face this on my own
With you by my side, we will open his eyes
And the truth will deliver us home

And there’s a reason, now I see
The path that he has chosen
He feels the light inside of me
In the absence of song
He’s forgotten right from wrong

Our voices will release him
He’s refused to listen for too long
I’m convinced beyond a doubt
There can be no other way
He just has to hear me out

There’s so much I need to say

But I can’t climb this mountain without you
No, I can’t face this on my own
With you by my side
We will open his eyes
And the truth will deliver us home.

16. A Tempting Offer

Trustful boy
Unaware who’s watching
Open the door
I am right behind you

Don’t resist me child
There’s no use in fighting
We’ll be here a while
Do you recognize me?

Look into my eyes
I’m the face of freedom
When daddy does arrive
He’s in for a surprise

[Daryus & Arhys]
How dare you step inside my home?
(His life is in my hands!)
You monster, leave my son alone
(You do know who I am?)
Your love will keep me strong
(He’s just a boy, he’s done no wrong!)
This fight’s not his to lose
(I have everything you want!)
Your next decision will decide his fate
So listen to the words I have to say

Give up the Chosen One
And you will guarantee your son
Lives the life you never had

Wealth and prosperity
Beyond what you have ever seen
And best of all, Xander will be free

He’ll never want again
It’s such an easy choice
Just think about your son

And I won’t have to stand
In Faythe’s dark shadow anymore
I am through with being pushed aside
Tired of fighting for my father’s pride
Take an evening to decide.

17. Digital Discord (Ruidos de NOMACs)

18. The X Aspect

Betrayed my blood
To save my son
A hopeless choice to make
But who am I, if not the one who’s meant to keep him safe?

Is trust and loyalty still justified,
If I deny him of a better life?
Gabriel has always been
The strength I call upon

But nothing breaks
A father’s will
To do what must be done
Should I turn my back on him,
Abandon all our plans for revolution?

Where hope and freedom die by morning light
Evangeline, I swore to you to love and guide our son
Destiny has shown its face, and now the time has come

Desperation blinds me
And through these bloodstained
eyes I see the light
A better life is worth this sacrifice.

19. A New Beginning

Father, I implore you
Don’t believe a word
He is not the enemy
That is just absurd

You may see his talent
As some kind of threat
But I knew we were meant to be
From the day we met

Give us both a chance
For a new beginning
Nothing would mean more to me

He is just a man
Can’t you show him mercy
Sympathy and strength go hand in hand

This man’s a fraud and hoax
He’ll only shatter your hopes
Saddest of all is to watch how you fall for this person who you hardly know

Ignorant, stubborn
You have no respect
Not just for her flesh and blood
That I knew you’d protect

Listen without judgement
Keep an open mind
If you cannot see the truth
You’re the one who’s blind

We don’t stand a chance
That is his opinion
Mother, can you talk to him?

Try to understand
How they must be feeling
Misery’s to know what might have been

Why would I ever concede
To listen to this fool
How can you be so naive?

You must be living in a world of makebelieve
Do you really think this charlatan is who he claims to be?

[Empress Arabelle]
Not long ago there was a time and place
You two possess the same desires as Faythe
You knew how it felt to feel invisible
Music calmed your soul, just like a drug
Remember, Bug?

Father is it true,
Bug was always you?
Finally I can reveal, how music makes me feel

Now you understand
Why I was hiding
This changes everything

I would like a chance
For a new beginning
In the end the final word
Is with me.

20. The Road to Revolution

He only sees what he desires to see
It took a while but finally he agreed
Though everything did not turn out as planned
If life’s a risk
It’s worth a chance
I know where there is faith
There’s always hope

They’ll meet beneath the stars at Heaven’s Cove
The ghosts of yesterday
Once filled the lavish stage
Taking our first step down a new road

Arhys’ time’s running out
What will your decision be?
If you still have any doubt
Think about Evangeline

On the road to revolution
Our salvation’s never free
There’s a price for liberation
When you stand for your beliefs

When the man in the mirror
Takes a long, hard look at me
Will the person staring back
Be the man I want to be

Change my mind
A waste of time
For soon he will be mine

Open eyes
Help me see which choice
Is right.




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