Letras de The Astonishing parte 3


Vamos con la última parte de las canciones de The Astonishing. En este caso, publicaremos las correspondientes al Acto II.


1.2285 Entr’acte (instrumental)

2. Moment of Betrayal

Brace yourself my brother
I have breaking news
The noise machines lie still tonight
There’s no time to lose

No more threats of bloodshed
No more pain and fear
Ravenskill will brave the storm
Our victory is near

You are acting very strange
Nervous and on edge
I will be a voice for change
Brother give me strength

Burning rose
Secret sold
Moment of betrayal
Kiss of death
Blood revenge
Moment of betrayal

I have sworn to live and die
By the warrior’s code
Never leave a man behind
May god redeem my soul

I will give you what you need
My brother for my son
The guilt and shame will burden me
Until my days are done

Meet me tonight where the stars touch the sky
He’ll be alone there with nowhere to hide

Burning rose
Secret sold
Moment of betrayal
Kiss of death
Blood revenge
Moment of betrayal

He will be defenseless
I’ll look on
Say I put up a fight
There will be no witness
They will call you a hero tonight

Burning rose
Secret sold
Moment of betrayal
Kiss of death
Blood revenge
Moment of betrayal
Threats and lies
Changing sides
Moment of betrayal
Risking all
Savior’s fall
Moment of betrayal.

3. Heaven’s Cove

Under the glow of the midnight moon
Where the stars touch the sky
Stand the long forgotten names of a time gone by

Heaven’s Cove was a wondrous sight
Once a beautiful place
Now an empty shell, like a memory that time erased

As the pivotal moment draws closer
Every shadow and whisper at night
Music will rise like a phoenix from the ashes on this night.

4. Begin Again

I gave up hope
Was dead inside
Stayed lost within a world I chose to hide
Then I found my faith in him
And now I can
Begin again

I once believed
Our fate was sealed
But now at last, the truth has been revealed
In an instant
Life could change
And now and then begin again

I know that I am meant for something more
That life beyond these walls
Has greater things in store

When I heard his voice, I realized
I’d never be the same
Instantly I knew my life had changed

I dream of peace
Above all else
To share a world where we could be ourselves

We must learn to rise above the past
Before we can at last
Begin again.

5. The Path That Divides

The evening stars shine brightly
Over Heaven’s Cove
As night descends in silence
The faded scene unfolds

Consumed with trepidation
Arhys hears his brother’s voice
“As you’re facing the path that divides
I will always be here by your side”

I feel my pulse begin to raise
Beads of sweat drop down my face
I have made a grave mistake
What have I done
My blood for my son

It’s not too late
I won’t betray him

I knew the day had come
And you could be tempted
To give up the Chosen One
And finally end this
Do anything for your son
A terminal weakness
Now you’re as good as done

I didn’t have a choice
And I was defenseless
I didn’t believe his voice
The fighting was senseless
But now I can see the truth
I’ve got to my senses
I shouldn’t have trusted you

Arhys was never aware
His son had followed them there
Confused and deathly afraid
X watched his hero be brave.
On the path that divides
You were there by my side
There will be no betrayal tonight

I’ve found courage and strength
In the words you once sang
Taunting truth from the lies on the path that divides

You dare defy the prince?
Well you just threw your life away
Along with Xander’s dreams

Two holy warriors clash in the shadows of the night
But that’s the cost with every fight
And Arhys’ fight for her
Cost him his very life

6. Machine Chatter ( ruido de NOMACs)

7. The Walking Shadow

What have you done?
(You murderer!)
My father is dead
(Your day will come!)

Don’t hold your breath
The night’s still young
Confront your death
Like father, like son

Who’s this I see,
Approaching me?
The Chosen One.

Drawing closer, pace by pace
The walking shadow hides its face
Never aware of a looming attack
Like stepping right into a trap

As his weapon
Finds its victim
Mortified, he’s shocked to find
The shadow is Faythe

8. My Last Farewell

Angels above
Have you deceived my eyes?
Be still, my love
I won’t leave your side

All my life
I have walked alone
Now I found my home
In you
Only I’m too late

Have I wandered into someone’s nightmare?
This is more than any heart can bear
You stole my brother’s life
How many more have to die
Before you will open your eyes?

Don’t leave me now
Hold on for one more breath
Stay strong somehow
This can’t be the end

All your life
You have walked alone
Now I am your hope, so take my hand
And don’t let go

Crushing pain
Crippling grief
Nothing like I’ve ever felt
God above, souls beneath
Hear my last farewell!

9. Losing Faythe

My foolish pride
My selfish heart
Lost in the dark
Blinded by my dark arrogance

And now you beg
For one last breath
And I’m the one to blame

There’s a reason, now I see
The reason you have chosen
To find the light inside of me
If only I believed

Here I am
Don’t be afraid
I will never let you slip away

Look my way
You must be brave
Find the strength to live for one more day
I will keep from losing faith
I will ask for grace, and hope I find a way

Like a candle’s dying flame
With forgiving eyes, she starts to drift away

Gabriel, my son
I see the tide is turning
Can the Chosen One
Keep a fire burning?

I would take my life
Just for one last moment
Use your gift, I beg
Make life begin again
Make life begin again!

10. Whispers On The Wind

If I still had something left
I’d surely use my gift
To give her one more breath
To see her smile again

And yet, my gift is gone
Along with all her dreams
It vanished with a scream
My fragile voice has all but disappeared

I’ve nothing left to give
The words I wish I’d said
Just whispers on the wind
And now all hope is dead.

11. Hymn of A Thousand Voices

Out of the shadows
One by one they came
To shed their light upon his moment
Of doubt and pain

A thousand voices
Ring out through the night
A symphony of mercy for their savior
Too tired to fight

And as the chorus grew
A thousand hearts beat true
Then like a glowing beacon in the dark
Hope came shining through
Shining through
Shining through

The savior found his voice
And all together they rejoiced

Glorious sound
Guide her tonight
Out of the darkness
Into the light

Merciful song
Set her soul free
Unbind the chains
Of endless sleep

Choirs sung high
Grant her new life

Make me a vessel of gold
Come guideless grace (?)
Music has shown her the way
She lived today.

12. Our New World

Like her father once said
Love is not what you’re given
It is how you decide to live
On the path you have chosen

So together we’ll build a new world
A better world
We’ll build a new world
Our new world

I know you’re scared and alone
But we will face this together
Through the innocence in your eyes
They will live on forever
In their memory we’ll build a new world
A better world
Our new world

We’ll build a new world
A better world
We’ll build a new world
Our new world

Yeah together
We’ll build a new world
A wondrous world
We’ll build a new world
A bold new world.

13. Power Down (Sonidos de Nomacs desactivándose)

14. Astonishing

[Arhys’ Spirit]
“Brother, can you hear me?”
His life is in your hands
He is just a child,
And still too young to understand

Show him love and courage
The freedom knows no bounds
Tell him he could
Never let me down

I’ve always had the answer
All this time I held the key
And now that I see
The reason to believe
I can be the man who I am meant to be

Because of you I live again
Now I can be a voice for change
And help to build a world that’s fair and true
So they can live the life they never knew

On the road to revolution
There are lessons to be learned
All the things you thought that mattered
Are lost at every turn

When the light of my existence
Was slipping through my hands
Pride and ignorance receded
To reveal the humbled man

My prince, my son
You got lost along the way
In light of this new burden that you face
You are forgiven at this day!

People, can you hear us?
Peace has been restored
The silence has been broken
Music reigns forever more!

We sing the song of freedom
Together we are bound
People, we shall never hold you down!

We will build a world on common ground
And we’ll live once more
Eternally in harmony
Our lives will be ASTONISHING AGAIN!






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